Anti-tank obstacle hedgehog - Kyiv defender

upcycled to an urban art object - bench or bicycle parking

Main Idea

Thousands of such anti-tank hedgehogs are piled up on Kyiv streets.

After invaders retreated from Kyiv, we have 2 questions with all these hedgehogs:
- What to do with them after the war ends?
- What if Ukrainian cities will need them again?
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We created a public "Hedgehog Reuse Manual"

This Manual helps to upcycle anti-tank obstacles to the bench, bicycle parking, table, or street light. It shows step-by-step how to upgrade a hedgehog to an urban object and reverse it.


Before the war, we focused on creating and distributing modern Ukrainian Art and Culture.


We consider art a social practice that can unite people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Our main goal is to bring people together for the manifestation of their inner creativity.

Story of creation
Story of creation
Story of creation
Story of creation

With the start of russian invasion office of our non-government organisation became a headquarters of civil resistance. We arranged a shelter for dozens of people who decided to stay in Kyiv and put their effort into defending the city.


In the nearby factory, we created production facilities and began manufacturing anti-tank obstacle hedgehogs and bulletproof vests.

We’ve delivered tank blockades all around the city to protect critical civilian infrastructure like hospitals, schools, shelters, etc.